Topic Name Description
Basic Skill Development URL Completed Notes
Kinematics URL Completed Notes
The Motion Formulas URL Completed Notes
URL Assignments
Newton's Laws URL Completed Notes
Momentum , Work, Energy and Power URL Completed Notes
Waves URL Completed Notes
URL Intro to Waves Khab Academy
A good although lengthy explanation of the difference between a transverse and a longitudinal waves.
URL Diffraction in Ocean Waves

This video talks about "refraction" of ocean waves but gives a good visual display of what we are calling "diffraction" in ocean waves.  Key spot is between 1st and 2nd minute of the video.

URL The Original Double Slit Experiment

Watch especially around the 4.5 minute mark where he shows waves being generated in a pond as it is a great visual of what we need to know.

URL Standing Waves On A String
Shows the different harmonics of a standing wave produced by a frequency generator.
URL Standing Waves Taught by Brightstorm
Explanation of Nodes, Antinodes and their presence in stringed instruments
URL Making Standing Water Waves
Standing Water Waves are produced in a wave pool. Nice demo. No explanations given.
URL Diffraction and 2 Point Source Interference Patterns

A GREAT explanation of concepts we have learned even if it is a bit deeper than the level we have learned.  Not all of what is shown in the ripple tank is easily visible on the video.  Some great real world examples.

Optics File Optics Review
Optics Review
URL Completed Notes