Topic outline

  • Chemistry 12

    Welcome to Chemistry 12!  Chemistry is the science which deals with the properties and reactions of materials; it is concerned with identification, characterization and transformation of matter and the energy changes accompanying these transformations.  Chemical science focuses on the structure and interaction of matter at the atomic and molecular level.  In this course we will begin with a look at what goes on “inside” a chemical reaction and how this can be used to control the reaction.  These concepts will then be used to introduce forward and reverse reactions as well as the interaction between them.  This knowledge is then used to further understand the dissolving of a substance and the equilibrium that exists between a solute and a solvent.  Next we will examine acid and bases and see how the principles that we have already learned apply to acid bases chemistry.  Finally we will study electrochemistry which is also firmly rooted in the concepts we learned earlier in the course.  Through out this course will look to the Creators role in originating, upholding , guiding and ruling his world.  Romans 1:20 says “ For since the creation of the world, God;s invisible qualities have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men and without excuse.

  • Unit 1: Reaction Kinetics

    • Unit 2: Solubility Equilibrium

      • Unit 3: Solubility Equilibrium

        • Unit 4: Acids, Bases, and Salts

          • Unit 5: Electrochemistry