Weekly outline

  • Welcome to PreCalculus 11

    You should be able to find necessary items in the folders below.

    • Chapter 1 Sequences and Series

      While you are encouraged to memorize the formulas introduced in this section, they will be supplied for tests and quizzes.

    • Chapter 2 Radicals

      Things always go better when "she" gets what she wants... but it is important to keep things equal.
    • Chapter 3 Quadratic Equations

      Quadratic implies x2 and an equation contains an =.  In this section we use a variety of methods to find value(s) of x which make such an equation true.

    • Chapter 4

      In this section we look at the graph of a quadratic equation.  In particular we learn what vertex ready form is and how to change any quadratic equation to vertex ready form and then how to apply our knowledge of these equations to answer related questions.

    • Chapter 5

      This chapter addresses linear and quadratic inequalities in 1 and in 2 variables.  Remember an inequality means less than or greater than, with or without an "or equal to".

    • Chapter 6

      This unit deals with trigonometry of triangles which are not right triangles - that is triangles where SOH CAH TOA does NOT work.

    • Chapter 7

      This unit deals with Rational Algebraic Expressions.  (Simplification, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction) and equations involving RAE.

    • Chapter 8

      This chapter deals with absolute value and reciprocal graphs as well as solving absolute value equations algebraically.

    • Year End Review