Weekly outline

  • General

    • A & W Math 10

      You should be able to find assignments and completed notes under the appropriate chapter headings below.

      • Chapter 1

        Topics include: Cross multiplication, proportions, 2 step equations, unit pricing, taxes and discounts, sales, and currency conversions
      • Chapter 2

        Topics include gross vs net earnings, ways of calculating gross income, and how net income is determined.
      • Chapter 3

        This chapter deals with metric and imperial units of length and conversions within and between the 2 systems.
      • Chapter 4

        This chapter deals with distance questions combining skills with fractions.
        • Chapter 5

          This chapter explores the Pythagorean Theorem and the trig functions for right triangles.
          • Chapter 6

            This chapter deals with calculating area and volume and converting units within and between metric and imperial.
            • Chapter 7

              The primary focus on this chapter Is on relationships between angles created by parallel lines and a transversal.
              • Review and Exam Preparation