Topic outline

  • General

    This course's primary goal is to build a Seafox ROV that has the capabilities to submerse 50ft and take a water sample from Okanagan Lake.  The format of the class is student centered project based learning.  The students will design and build the ROV with various instruments on it for the purpose of future use by the science department.  For that purpose, the student team will also have to construct a user manual to provide user guides and a service manual.

  • Research sites

    This is a depository of various website that will help with the construction of the ROV

  • Tools and Equipment Guide

    This section provides instructions and guides to how to use electronic equipment that may be used in the class.

  • The Problem of Buoyancy!!

    This section will examine a big issue of trying to find "neutral buoyancy"

  • Smaller Projects

    This section is where to find the other smaller projects that we will be performing during the course.